In Material / Open Studio / Tate

In Material - 2013

Participatory installation Commissioned by Tate’s Early Years and Families for Open Studio during the re-opening of Tate Britain.

In Material is an installation of larger than life materials for people to explore, make connections and build with. One of the things I’m really interested in throughout all my work is hierarchies – how we can turn these things we take for granted on their head? I am interested in creating a space where children and parents/carers can see each other in a different light – because they have to collaborate (in a space like Open Studio), and fixed roles can shift. At some point the child might be leading, but will need the help of an adult to realise the work due to the scale or type of materials that have been selected. The scale has to be small enough for children to manipulate, but large enough to encourage the collaboration that allows the work to grow and takes it somewhere else. An aim of all of my work with people is realising creative spaces where role-shifting, collaborating and seeing each other in a very different light can occur.

Links: November 2013: Albert Potrony in conversation with Guest Editor Jean Tormey.