Terra Incognita

Five-channel video installation - 2003-4

Terra Incognita (video installation) records the phenomenon of tourism. The constant influx of visitors to locations that have acquired the status of contemporary ‘holy sites’, were ‘pilgrims’ from all over the world come to re-enact the same rituals over and over again. Five films compose the installation, each film isolating an aspect of the ‘touristic experience’ -people taking photographs, individuals and groups being photographed, tourist guides ‘performing’ to their public, crowds of people going in and out of tourist venues and crowds of tourists being ferried about on boats and buses.

The films are approximately one hour long and are projected on a loop. The different soundtracks – recorded live in the various locations, create an atmospheric background that leads the visitors through the installation.

At the end of the project a set of postcards incorporating stills form the films was produced.