Faith multi-channel video installation, 2010-13

Faith, Pastors (exhibition projection) 23:48 min

Faith (The Singers), 2011 8:47 min. DV, Stereo, 4:3

Faith, The Questions, Church, 4:24 min.

Faith, The Questions, Deliverance, 4:37 min.

Faith, The Questions, Doubt, 4:38 min.

Faith, The Questions, Faith, 4:44 min.

Faith, The Questions, God, 4:40 min.

Faith, The Questions, Miracles, 4:38 min.

In 2010 I was awarded a Triangle Arts International Fellowship at CCA Lagos in Nigeria. I was interested in researching the relationship between faith, gender and sexual identity.

During my stay in Lagos I interacted with various religious and non-religious organisations and individuals including those connected to the LGBT community and the Humanist movement in Nigeria. On my return to the UK I continued the work with two female ministers, several members of their congregations and their choirs in Whitstable, Kent.

In 2013 Faith was exhibited at Whitstable Museum and Gallery as a multi channel video installation, together with a selection of photographs from the museum’s archive collection by Douglas West, depicting religious and pagan festivals in Whitstable.