Another Utopia

A series of events, a film, exhibition and open screenings - 2015

Another Utopia, 2015 49 min HDV 16:9

Children and Co-operation, 2015 03 min HDV 16:9

Members of Abeona Housing Co-operative and volunteers from the local community worked with artist Albert Potrony on a year-long project researching the squatting and housing co-operative movement of the 70’s and 80’s in Camden, London.

During the project’s duration a series of public events were hosted in local venues, to discuss the historic importance of the co-operative model and its relevance today and to re-build links between existing housing co-operatives in Camden.

The project culminated with the production of a film, Another Utopia, an exhibition and a series of open screenings and discussions across London. The film Another Utopia charts the journey of a visionary group of individuals, who sought to develop new ways of building communities through co-operative housing.

The film revisits the organic and sometimes turbulent emergence of this alternative commune and its subsequent development into a funded co-operative housing entity. Tracing roots from the peace movement, Notting Hill housing activism groups, feminism and gay liberation, the narrative captures a fertile period in recent history.

In the context of a deepening housing crisis and community fragmentation, Another Utopia examines an alternative model of housing and living, a reminder that even in today’s individualistic society we have the power to effect change when working together.

Another Utopia has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Co-operative Membership Community Fund.

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