Peer Group / Gasworks

Gasworks’ Intergenerational Peer Group - 2014

Gasworks’ intergenerational Peer Group is composed of local families, residents living in nearby estates, emerging artists and Even Better Together project partner colleagues. Coming together to work collaboratively the group develops various projects, events and interventions. Facilitated by Gasworks’ Participation Programme and artist Albert Potrony, the Peer Group explores various approaches to working within the local neighbourhood. Working together in this way aims to test and investigate notions of shared authorship and collaboration as members develop long-term projects.

Launched in 2011 by Gasworks and artist Albert Potrony, the Peer Group is composed of participants from the Even Better Together’s workshops who wish to become further involved in the discussions and developments of Gasworks’ activities. The group meets every 6 weeks and at each meeting Potrony leads the group through ‘active-thinking’ projects including performances, off site installations and walks around the local area to explore the various topics proposed by the group.

Curating the Contemporary: What is the Peer Group?
In Conversation: Abigail Hunt, Albert Potrony, Katie Orr
Even Better Together