Digitally reproduced Post It notes, scale 1:1 - 2009

For over a two-year period I have been collecting Post It notes containing the responses of more than a thousand children, who were asked to describe their feelings after engaging in the process of making art. The resulting array of brightly coloured Post It notes suggests a world full of innocence yet tinged with its imminent loss. Placing these out of context generates new readings and establishes different relationships between the viewer and the work. For the Unnatural Histories show at the Nunnery Gallery in June 2008 I created a trail of post it notes (digitally reproduced scale 1:1) scattered throughout the spaces within the Gallery, placed unassumingly between the works exhibited.

For Cut to the Chase! At Bargate Monument Gallery in July-August 2009 I infiltrated Southampton’s High Street with a random trail of Post It notes placed on walls, lampposts, telephone boxes, in clusters among the local notice advertisements on newsagents, shop windows… for people to come across them on their daily journeys. In the gallery space a wall was provided for the public to respond to the same question the children had been asked.