La Bona Mort / The Good Death

A collaborative project exploring end of life, death and grief - 2021

We Only Die Once – Recording of public reading/performance (03:45 min. excerpt) – Teatre l’Escorxador, Lleida – 2021

The Good Death / Life at The End of Life, is a collective exploration about care and the importance of caring in the process of the end of life, death and grief.

A working group of over twenty people from various fields (palliative care, artists from different disciplines, bereavement specialists, social work students, social work practitioners and people interested in finding tools to dignify the end of life) came together to explore care, end-of-life processes and death, as a preparation to live a better life. Throughout the project we interacted with more than 290 people.

With the material and texts collected and generated by the group, Albert developed a set of scripts for a series of public readings/performances (We Only Die Once) that took place at L’Escorxador Theatre in Lleida, and an artist’s publication (La Bona Mort), to be used as a toolkit to start conversations about dying and living. The publication is inspired by the medieval Ars moriendi, which were two interrelated religious texts on how to achieve a good death.

The Good Death / Life at The End of Life is a collaboration between the artist Albert Potrony and the Centre d’Art La Panera, Lleida, and it has been possible thanks to the support of La Caixa’s Art For Change 2019 programme.

Download pdfs:

La Bona Mort – Booklet
La Bona Mort – English translation of Booklet
La Bona Mort – Poster
La Bona Mort – Excel