A 24-Hour Truce (The Achilles Heel Project)

Public reading/performance - Arnolfini Gallery - 2019

A Twenty Four-Hour Truce / Intro Soundscape while audience settles – 19:04 min

A Twenty Four-Hour Truce / Male Sexuality and Sexism – 24:36 min

Beyond the Fragments / A Twenty Four-Hour Truce – 32:20 min

Presented by Arnolfini as part of the exhibition Still I Rise, Feminisms, Gender, Resistance, Act 3, A Twenty-Four Hour Truce is a public reading and reconstruction that brings to life the atmosphere and fierce debate among anti-sexist men and feminists of the early 1980s.

The performance is constructed from transcripts and academic texts that highlight the theoretical and personal tensions between men who wanted to change established notions of masculinity and their feminist contemporaries.

This performance is part of Albert Potrony’s The Achilles Heel Project. Through excavation and reconstruction, Potrony addresses Achilles Heel by re-visiting some of the intense ideals and arguments within the anti-sexist men’s movement: arguments that, over time, have resonated and reflected the struggle to combat sexism in broader social structures.

Achilles Heel was a publication produced between 1978 and 1999 by a collective of men. It aimed to challenge traditional forms of masculinity and patriarchy, and to support the creation of alternative social structures.

Programme for Arnolfini’s performance: A Twenty Four-Hour Truce Info, Credits and Sources